Friday, 13 November 2015

Maybelline Babylips

Hello everybody!

So if you didn't already know I have very dry lips especially in the colder months so a good lip balm is an absolute must-have!

A few months ago, I found out about Maybelline Babylips but it's only maybe a week ago that I bought my first few.

I'd had loads of recommendations from friends to try them out so I did (my friend Aimee is obsessed with them ... pretty sure she has every one of them)

The thing that really stood out to me was that they have a colour as well as a scent. This makes the lip balm for me a bit more enjoyable and special to wear.

As far as moisturising goes these are really good! For some reason (no idea why) but I find that despite what I said above, the ones with less colour actually moisturise my lips more.

But yeah, really recommend these pretty sure you've heard loads of raving reviews already but let me tell you again they are in fact amazing.

Here is my collection:

  • Cherry Me. Where do I start with this one? The colour is fantastic with so much pigmentation and the smell is dreamy it smells just like cherries.
  • Pink Punch. Probably my least favourite out of the three but don't get me wrong it's still an amazing lip balm. It has a bright pink colour but doesn't have a particular scent.
  • Peach Punch. Ugh so good can't get enough! Probably the simplest of the three but I feel like it's more softening for my lips and it does smell really nice!