Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Bargainous Beauty Haul

Hello everybody!

When I go into town, I love looking in the shops for good bargains.

In the beauty department, I'm usually very lucky. There are normally a lot of sales so I grab everything on offer.

Today I wanted to show these products. This is going to be a collective haul over about a few months.

  • ovs Eyeshadow brush. For a cheapo brush it's not too shabby - it applies eyeshadow really well and does a good job at blending it. Recommend for those on a budget!
  • Eyelash curlers from George. Got to be honest, this is my first pair of eyelash curlers and I was a bit hesitant to buy cheap ones (heard stories that they can snap off eyelashes - ouch) but they work like a charm. Instantly perks up your eyelashes and makes you look a lot more awake.
  • Collection Gorgeous Glow in 1 Blush Block. This works as a blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one. It has tones of pink and gold, all you do is use a big brush to apply. Love it, but less is definitely more with this product. Trust me.
  • Bronzer Duo Set 1. Unfortunately the brand is unknown but if you want to get it, look for a brown tub with a curved lid. Inside there is a light and a dark shade and even comes with a brush (although I don't recommend you use it.) I got it from Bodycare. Again, I love it, really pigmented and suits all skintones, but less is more as of all bronzers.
  • No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow. If you didn't already know, if you spend a certain amount of money on No7 products you get a free package including two BB creams, a lipstick, an eyeshadow and maybe some other things. My nan got sent this free package and didn't like the eyeshadow so she gave it to me. It's a dark, glittery purple, perfect for nights out or when you want a dramatic look. I rarely wear it but when I do it looks amazing, it's highly pigmented, long-lasting and has high colour payoff.
  • Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in 001 Black. I have hardly any of it left, this is because it's really creamy so it wears down quickly but also because it's amazing and I wear it often. Goes on really smoothly and doesn't smudge.
  • Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara. Not too keen on this. Fab packaging and isn't clumpy, but it doesn't really make my lashes look very long. Unless you can be bothered to curl your eyelashes every day, I would stick to other mascaras.
  • Makeup Gallery Shine On Lipgloss in Ballerina Pink. Again, this is a product I would avoid. It was £1 for 5ml which is actually a little expensive, and plus it really isn't a good lipgloss. The consistency of it is just too thick and gloopy and definitely doesn't have a good colour payoff. Doesn't last long at all and dries your lips out like crazy.
If you want a more-in depth review of one of these products let me know.